Morgan Advanced Materials - leader in thermal insulation and refractory materials

Morgan Advanced Materials is one of the world's largest manufacturers of a full range of refractory and heat-insulating materials for use in foundry and metallurgy. More than 30 factories around the world produce products based on refractory fiber, refractory bricks, monolithic refractory products, heat shields, refractory molds and crucibles, high-temperature insulation materials and many other products. Morgan Advanced Materials products are used at all stages of the foundry and in metallurgy. Development and improvement of the company's products takes place in its own research center.

The KITMAS company is an official distributor in Ukraine for the sale and technological support of refractory materials manufactured by Morgan Advanced Materials.

The specialists of our company are ready to provide high-quality consultation on all questions of interest related to the products of the supplier.

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Morgan Advanced Materials produces the following products:


Fibre blankets for high temperature applications


Superwool® XT RA


High Temperature Insulation Fibre Board and Shape

High Temperature Insulation Bulk Fibres


Pyro-Bloc Modules for high temperature insulation linings


Pyro-Log High Temperature Insulation

High Temperature Insulation Folded and Stacked Blanket Modules


Pumpables, Moldables, Coatings and Cement High Temperature Insulation Fibres


High Temperature Insulation Paper

High Temperature Insulation Felt


High Temperature Insulation Textiles


Passive Fire Protection solutions