Equipment for the manufacture of molds and cores from HTS

The Kitmas company is the official representative in Ukraine of the Italian company Sogemi Engineering S.r.l. (Sogemi) - one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for the manufacture of foundry molds and cores from cold-hardening mixtures (HTS).

In the HTS process (Hardening Tar-Sand Process), molds and cores are made from self-hardening sand-resin mixtures with their purging with gas reagents. Such mixtures have low wet strength - vibration or light shaking is used to seal them, which provides high quality molds and rods.

The XTS casting process is an economically viable and profitable solution:
- The volume of used molding sand is reduced by 3-4 times due to the regenerate
- Reduces the number of operations and transport movements
- Production becomes more flexible and has the ability to increase the range of products due to quick change of equipment


kompl form 250 smesitel 250 Vibrostol Sogemi 250 form 250
Complete molding lines Mixers for HTS processes Vibrating tables for HTS processes Moulding and carousel loop